Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Blog New Me Perhaps

Congratulations in finding this blog :)

There's a reason why I moved to a new blog. This one. I will not post any of my pictures here and I will not reveal my identity. If you know me, then you know me. If you don't, then don't bother.

If you knew me, then you will knew where was my previous blog.  Some of my entries I import it from there. I guess it will be easier for people to figure. Sooner or later orang akan tahu juga kan. Tapi takpelah. Itu some of my favorite entries. 

The reasons why I moved to this blog mainly because I feel that blogging seems not fun anymore when every single person in your family reads your blog. From your parents to your siblings. Then your cousins, aunties and uncles!

I don't care if my parents and my siblings know about my blog. But aunties and uncles reads my blog seems really odd to me! It's not that I have anything to hide from them. But the feeling is different. Everything I wrote, I must be very careful. That's why I decided to write in a new blog, with a different identity. So that I can express anything that I want.

Some more, I am trying to run away from someone. Yes. Harsh as it seems. But that's the truth about it. Rimas okeh!

Last but not least, I want a simple URL. Manalah tahu nanti-nanti nak pergi pula kan? Who knows :) Niat itu dah ada. Tapi tengok dulu lah.

Sorry for all of the sudden. Tapi memang dah lama dah terfikir nak buat macam ini. But still reluctant. Sekarang, memang dah tekad sangat-sangat dah. Those who came from my previous blog bolehlah unfollow yang itu as I will not be updating there anymore. Thank you for all your support.


Kapten said...

oh mcm tu
aku buat2 x kenal ko ler ;p


Q said...

haha. dah kenal takpelah. bukannya aku nak lari dari kau :)

Azuan said...

uit sangat tak best bila orang yg kenal baca blog haha~

p/s : aku dah pernah masuk blog ko ke huhuu

Q said...

@ azuan :
pernah. byk kali gak kau komen :)

ismishahril said...

hai Q. u sound mysteriously mysterious.
still guessing who's the real person behind this vague persona.

emm.....ntah. tak leh tangkap.
betul x dpt tangkap. =D

ween said...

I know who u are through ur prev entries, thanks for letting me know about ur new space by following my new space :)

btw. we are in the same boat for migrating to a new space. HAHA. I was hiding from my dad because I just don't feel comfortable to express the feeling when I actually know that he is reading the rambling :(

Q said...

chain :
skrg aku plak tak tangkap apa yg kau cuba katakan.

ween :
hehe. i mmg nak u tahu pon :) em, tu lah. tak best kan bila org find out. dia jadi tak fun lagi.

milimilo said...

i really know who you really are Queen Q.Ur lips same with Red Queen Hearts kan.hihi. =P

risanur said...

memang benar bila blog kita dibaca oleh org yg kita kenal especially yg terlalu rapat...
akak tak suka bila n3 blog akan dipermain2kan oleh kekawan...rase malu sangat...diorang boleh buat lawak apa yg kita tulis...terasa ati sebenarnya...tapi nak wat camne...kena telan je la..

Q said...

mili :
sama ke? tapi I baik punya version. dia jahat. hahaha.

risanur :
tak pernah lagi lah entri sy dipermainkan. kalau kena macam tu mmg sakit hati.

dude said...

aku rasa aku tahu sape ni..
aku rasala.

Q said...

dude :
kalau apa yg kau rasa itu betul, maka betul lah!

Huda Luna said...

aku rasa aku tau sape =D

q**a A**z kn?

Q said...


nursarah said...

hoho, aku pun ada blog baru juge. tapi aku mmg tak komen kat blog lain guna blog itu. hehe.

Q said...

aku mmg dah pindah sini. sbb rasa situ tak dah tak berapa best sgt.

Farah Yusri said...

Hi Q!

Have fun writing in your new site :) Will be coming by now and then!

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