Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aku tak faham

Aku seriously tak faham kenapa ca ya nun alif yang tak puasa, sibuk jugak nak beli makanan time peak hour orang nak buka puasa.

Aku tak minta lama pon. Just between pukul 6 sampai 7.30 pm je.

Time2 lain diorang nak order makanan, dipersilakan. Nak sejuta pon aku tak kisah.

Cuma 1 jam setengah daripada 24 jam je aku mintak diorang jangan nak sibuk. Tapi hampeh.

Seriously. Considerate la sikit orang nak buka puasa.

Ini tidak. Siap berani potong line lagi. Macamlah dia puasa juga.

Aku bukan racist. Tapi ini kenyataan. Kata 1Malaysia. Tapi kalau semua orang pon inconsiderate macam ni, macam manalah nak capai 1Malaysia nih.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mini Travel Iron

This Mini Travel Iron can be found at S & J at a cost of RM 9.90.
I think its so cool because it so compact and cheap.
Plus its convenient for travelling.
So without thinking twice I just grab it.

Outoftheblue: I was thinking of making this Mini Travel Iron as a birthday present. Tapi tak kot. Its just a thought :p

Monday, September 7, 2009

Value of Time

This is one of my favorite quotes.
I love every single word from this quote.
Treasure it :)
Picture from UiTM Shah Alam, taken by F Azz

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Galok-galok nanti kena golok

'Galak-galok kena golok' adalah 'jargon' untuk orang Terengganu.

Maksudnya kalau kita main galok sangat (suka sangat2/banyak ketawa semua) nanti at the end mesti kita akan nangis-nangis/mengamuk atas sebab-sebab tertentu. (kepala terhantuk dinding ke/bergaduh ke/berebut mainan ke). Ada je la yang tak kena.

Biasanya applicable untuk budak-budak.

Now and Then

No matter what era it is, playing with sofas is still the bomb!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuah Sembilan Belas

Kalau setiap 31 Baskin & Robbin ada 31% diskaun
Setiap 19, anda boleh dapat 5 hotdog 1901 dengan harga RM 10
Jadi, mohlah kita ke 1901

Outoftheblue : Tekan tajuk diatas untuk tahu lebih lanjut.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Saga

I finally done reading the final chapter of The Twilight Saga!!!!
800 pages within 3 days :)
But Twilight still remains my favorite from the Saga.
Now I can't wait for the 2nd movie (New Moon) to be released.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Recycle & Save

I pledge to save the environment

I recycle my old Ipanema!
You might be wondering how do I recycle my sandals.
Here is the answer.

I <3 Ipanema Recycle & Save.
So, for those who owns an Ipanema,
you can throw away your old Ipanema,
and get the new one with less 25%.

For those who doesn't own Ipanema,
worries not,
you also can throw away your old shoes/sandals,
then get a brand new Ipanema with less 15%.
So everybody can get a pair of Ipanema for a cheaper price :)
Hurry up before the promotion over.

You sure don't wanna miss this chance. Right?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Last weekend, my sister brought home this:
Can u guys guess what it is?
It looks gross u know, but it is totally COOL
Guess 1
Guess 2
(In case u don't know, phlegm is kahak)
That's the word of the day, phlegm
Guess harder
common people
It's actually my sister's DNA
I ask my sister why is this DNA doesnt look like the DNA that I kept saw on tv. Ala, yang berpusing-pusing and warna-warni tuh. But, from this picture I can see that dia berpusing-pusing (tak taula korang nampak ke tak tapi aku nampak) but I know I can't see the warna-warni one except if I see it under the microscope
I ask my sister to do my DNA as well. But I din't give her my cell yet. Later we shall see when I give her my cell :)
Owh, I forgot to mention that my sister's DNA is form her cheek's cell. Not her salivar. She said that you have to kumam-kumam first in order to get the cell. Bukan macam kat tv tu yang buka mulut je terus dapat DNA.
Then I ask her, Kalau dari rambut senang tak nak dapat DNA? Her answer : Boleh jugak, tapi susah nak proses. The easiest one is from cheek's cell.
Ok. Now I know. Told you so, it's TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sedih tak?

Sedih tak anda
kawan yang dahulunya rapat
pura-pura tidak mengenali anda
bila anda ketemu secara tidak sengaja?

Sedih tak anda
kawan yang dahulunya rapat
yang anda kongsi rahsia bersama
bila terjumpa sedang merokok?

Apa perasaan anda jika ini berlaku kepada anda?

Will u be sad
If your long last friend
Who you used to be so closed together
Pretend not to know u
When u accidentally meet?

Will u be sad
If your long last friend
Who you share secrets together
Is smoking
When u accidentally
Bumped into each other?

What will u feel if this actually happen to you???

Maybe its true, that childhood friends isn't going anywhere.

I was thinking there were probably 3 valid reasons why she pretend not to know me:
1- I left the school and went to boarding school without saying goodbyes
2- I wear scarf and she's not and she's ashame of it
3- She's smoking

On the contrary:
I'm glad I went to boarding school
I know who my true friends is
It's just that I'm sad when it comes to holiday
All my friends is far away from me

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Owh Baby, sorry for the facts that I forget

This is actually about kereta kecilku warna biru. 

But, my intern, I didn't drive my car everyday to work. Mama has become my driver by sending and picking me up at the office. The reason is because according to her:

  • It's hard to park at Damansara Jaya area (but I go there as early as 8 a.m so there is plenty of empty lots) -but its okay since I can save on petrol and also parking fee. weehoo.

  • Further, she wants to send the car for color and also repair for all the kemek2 and calar2. but I don't know when that is going to happen.
    -(i think maybe she wants to wait untill the mileage is sufficient enough to service)
So, I didn't have much time bonding with it which turns out me forget bit about it. Sorry my baby. I didn't mean to. Okay. Enough rambling.

Here's the story about it.
This one day Shanaz  text me asking wether my car plate number is BHB 3915??? Since he saw dat car passing by TTDI. AND me during that time can't recall the plate number of my car juz say YES since the number 3915 seems familiar to me. Besides my mum said she wants to buy groceries after she send me to work and I thought she wants to shop at Pasar TTDI but it turns out she went to Sg. Wei actually. Hahahaha. (I know dat at evening actually)

For that one whole day (ok. I'm being dramatic here hehe. Not actually 1 whole day la of coz). I try to recall my car plate number but all I can remember is 1085 which is belong to my sister.

Then later the evening after Mama pick me up using my car I realize that my car plate number is actually 9462. Hahaha. Damn. I totally forgot my car's plate number. Poor my baby.
And today I realise why the number 3915 seems very familiar to me. I just remember today dat 3915 is our Perdana car plate number!!!!!
Naaahhhh. I was wrong again. Our Perdana plate number is actually 1395. The number is the same. Right. Cuma susunan je lain. Hmmm. I guess I have problems remembering car's plate number. But it's just 4 number okay! Nombor juta-juta boleh pula ingat. Jutaria! :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Deeper Conversation

Si bongsu : Mr. A cakap Q sorang je takde cite pape.

Me : Tu la..dah lama x jumpa Mr. A. Q balik rumah dia x datang. So, Mr. A ada pape cite baru tak?

Si bongsu : Mr. A dah ada someone serious dah. Yang haritu masa kita jumpa Mr. A, dia tengah cakap telefon tu. Dia tengah cakap telefon dengan that girl la.

Me : Oh really (excited). Tapi kan, kalo Acat kahwin mesti sedih sikit kan?

Si bongsu: Kenape pulak?

Me : Yelar, sebab kita 3 je tak kahwin lagi so tiba2 kita jadi rapat. Sebab tu la sedih kalo Mr. A kawen.

Si Bongsu : Bongsu excited.

Me : Yelar. Sedih but I'm happy for him la.. He is finally getting married. Kenape excited?

A : Sebab lepas Mr. A kahwin mestila Q. So mestila Bongsu jadi pengapit Q. Orang cakap, kalau jadi pengapit, mestila lepas tu dia pula yang kahwin.

Me : -_-'

Sabar je la ada Si bongsu camni..Hehehe. Off course la lepas tu dia yang kahwin since she's the last one in the family. Tak kanla my nephew or niece dulu kot.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

25 random things about ME

I’ve been tagged by my best friend, dah lama dah..tapi baru ada masa nak buat.

1) My nickname is Q and that's all you need to know

2) My favourite scents is lavender and orange

3) Never leaves home without wallet, handphone and also watch..owh, and a camera too

4) All time favourite colour is blue. But also like rainbow colours

5) Favourite songs is any songs that been play in

6) My favourite novels are books written by Sophie Kinsella and this one book titled Sisters by Danielle Steel

7) Twilight is also one of my favorite book. (The book version is waaayyyy much better than the movie)

8) Pretty much prefer books about family instead of love and relationship since about family is much deeper

9) Buku2 alaf 21 hanya dibaca sewaktu zaman persekolahan dan kini lebih banyak baca novel Inggeris utk meng’improve’kan lagi level English dalam diri

10) All time favourite movies (never get bored of it – Parent Trap, Enough, Transformer --- byk la..x ingat)

11) Pernah gilakan cerita2/movie Indonesia. Sampai kumpul CD cerita2 ni. Tapi yg paling suka ialah Ada Apa Dengan Cinta and also Eiffel I’m In Love

12) Sukakan pelukis komik yg bernama Ben.. (telah mengumpul semua komik beliau)
Eg : Le Gardenia 1,2,3,4 Innocent, Naive, The Fishes and also Fatal Chaos 1,2,3 (waaa..xsedar pon dah ada 10 komik dia)

13) Pernah sedih bila dapat tau Ben akan datang MidValley tapi tak dapat jumpa dia (skrg dah minat biasa2 je..bukan lagi seorg kipas-susah-mati beliau)

14) Also love dragon ball comics (ALL, no 1-43)..bole baca banyak2 kali tanpa rasa bosan

15) Used to like Hilary Duff so much juz because she has the same age as mine (ada sume CD album dia..hehe)

16) My 1st job is actually a dishwasher at RASA Foodcourt, Alamanda (i’m helping my brother on Alamanda opening). But I only work there for 1 day..wahaha (very tiring u know)

17) Then my really 1st job (2nd la kan actually) is a waitress at Teapot Cafe during last semester holiday. Gaji tinggi kat sana. I work there for about 21 days (since banyak cuti dia bagi, padahal time 3 bulan cuti kerja tu)

18) I’m quite adventurous. Suka nak merasa2 kulit binatang camne and suka mencuba. Skrg dah pernah pegang ular, dolphin, shark, stingray, kangaroo, wombat.

19) I love to travel, kalo bole backpacking, nak je..tapi macam susah skitla since I’m a girl and kena bawa scarf la and macam2 lagi benda lain.

20) I also love driving (sgt excited bila dapat lesen dulu...tapi masih belum berjaya menjadi pemandu berhemah.heh)

21) I’m so secretive (I used to kept a secret from my roommate for about 1 year..hehehe)

22) I relieve my stress by sleeping or shopping (recite Quran sometimes)

23) Used to hate shopping because it is hard for me to find clothes that fit my size. Now not anymore =P

24) I love my family very-very much. I treasure them.

25) But I have a really close bond with my younger sister kerana kami kembar sebenarnya =P

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hai O Hai

All hail the queen.
Hello Mellow Yellow.
Hell-O Jell-O
This is my first entry.
And I don't know what to write.
So, see you later alligator.
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