Sunday, March 1, 2009

25 random things about ME

I’ve been tagged by my best friend, dah lama dah..tapi baru ada masa nak buat.

1) My nickname is Q and that's all you need to know

2) My favourite scents is lavender and orange

3) Never leaves home without wallet, handphone and also watch..owh, and a camera too

4) All time favourite colour is blue. But also like rainbow colours

5) Favourite songs is any songs that been play in

6) My favourite novels are books written by Sophie Kinsella and this one book titled Sisters by Danielle Steel

7) Twilight is also one of my favorite book. (The book version is waaayyyy much better than the movie)

8) Pretty much prefer books about family instead of love and relationship since about family is much deeper

9) Buku2 alaf 21 hanya dibaca sewaktu zaman persekolahan dan kini lebih banyak baca novel Inggeris utk meng’improve’kan lagi level English dalam diri

10) All time favourite movies (never get bored of it – Parent Trap, Enough, Transformer --- byk la..x ingat)

11) Pernah gilakan cerita2/movie Indonesia. Sampai kumpul CD cerita2 ni. Tapi yg paling suka ialah Ada Apa Dengan Cinta and also Eiffel I’m In Love

12) Sukakan pelukis komik yg bernama Ben.. (telah mengumpul semua komik beliau)
Eg : Le Gardenia 1,2,3,4 Innocent, Naive, The Fishes and also Fatal Chaos 1,2,3 (waaa..xsedar pon dah ada 10 komik dia)

13) Pernah sedih bila dapat tau Ben akan datang MidValley tapi tak dapat jumpa dia (skrg dah minat biasa2 je..bukan lagi seorg kipas-susah-mati beliau)

14) Also love dragon ball comics (ALL, no 1-43)..bole baca banyak2 kali tanpa rasa bosan

15) Used to like Hilary Duff so much juz because she has the same age as mine (ada sume CD album dia..hehe)

16) My 1st job is actually a dishwasher at RASA Foodcourt, Alamanda (i’m helping my brother on Alamanda opening). But I only work there for 1 day..wahaha (very tiring u know)

17) Then my really 1st job (2nd la kan actually) is a waitress at Teapot Cafe during last semester holiday. Gaji tinggi kat sana. I work there for about 21 days (since banyak cuti dia bagi, padahal time 3 bulan cuti kerja tu)

18) I’m quite adventurous. Suka nak merasa2 kulit binatang camne and suka mencuba. Skrg dah pernah pegang ular, dolphin, shark, stingray, kangaroo, wombat.

19) I love to travel, kalo bole backpacking, nak je..tapi macam susah skitla since I’m a girl and kena bawa scarf la and macam2 lagi benda lain.

20) I also love driving (sgt excited bila dapat lesen dulu...tapi masih belum berjaya menjadi pemandu berhemah.heh)

21) I’m so secretive (I used to kept a secret from my roommate for about 1 year..hehehe)

22) I relieve my stress by sleeping or shopping (recite Quran sometimes)

23) Used to hate shopping because it is hard for me to find clothes that fit my size. Now not anymore =P

24) I love my family very-very much. I treasure them.

25) But I have a really close bond with my younger sister kerana kami kembar sebenarnya =P
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