Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Last weekend, my sister brought home this:
Can u guys guess what it is?
It looks gross u know, but it is totally COOL
Guess 1
Guess 2
(In case u don't know, phlegm is kahak)
That's the word of the day, phlegm
Guess harder
common people
It's actually my sister's DNA
I ask my sister why is this DNA doesnt look like the DNA that I kept saw on tv. Ala, yang berpusing-pusing and warna-warni tuh. But, from this picture I can see that dia berpusing-pusing (tak taula korang nampak ke tak tapi aku nampak) but I know I can't see the warna-warni one except if I see it under the microscope
I ask my sister to do my DNA as well. But I din't give her my cell yet. Later we shall see when I give her my cell :)
Owh, I forgot to mention that my sister's DNA is form her cheek's cell. Not her salivar. She said that you have to kumam-kumam first in order to get the cell. Bukan macam kat tv tu yang buka mulut je terus dapat DNA.
Then I ask her, Kalau dari rambut senang tak nak dapat DNA? Her answer : Boleh jugak, tapi susah nak proses. The easiest one is from cheek's cell.
Ok. Now I know. Told you so, it's TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

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