Friday, December 10, 2010

Best Feeling Ever

U know what is the best feeling ever?

Seeing the smile from your parent's face and hearing the word thank you that came out from their mouth.


When you allocate some of your salary and give it to them.

It's indescribable. 

And I'm happy that I get the chance to do so. 

I already allocate some of my salary to my parents (each), household expenses (water, electricity, foods etc), donation & my caretaker (the one who took care of me while my parents were working).

Hopefully I will be consistent/istiqamah in doing it and not to forget about it every month. Please remind me so.


frwls said...

set reminder kat fon la. ehee

zirconia said...

bestnya ko dah boleh bagi 1st gaji. aku belum lagi. wuwuwuw.

cik nurulain said...

yeah. best feeling ever. i tgh tunggu giliran i lak Q. hey how's the meeting/ da jumpa blom?

baincardin said...

Demam HDR dah kembali! jom rilex layan....^_^

umi nadhrah said...

since takde buat ape kat rumah.. ape kata update blog..hehe

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