Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hello Working Life

Its the end of the week and also end of the month. 
Starting work tomorrow as an auditor. 
Went to future office twice this week,  for medical check up and to collect offer letter.
Have sign the offer letter already, so its official.
Going to start working in one of the Big 4. 
I am nervous and excited.
Hopefully all went well. 


zirconia said...

gudluck weh. welcome to the working world (walaupun aku baru keje 2minggu je haha).

risanur said...

gudluck...selamat menghadapi dunia pekerjaan...

frwls said...

kalau tak sempat online, sabar k. hehe

cik nurulain said...

kenapa semua org yg nak masuk alam bekerja dah lack updates. :(

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